Ramones I Sverige

Lindström Lagerström Lönnegård Magnusson

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Artist Lindström Lagerström Lönnegård Magnusson
Album Ramones I Sverige
Label Premium Publishing
Article number RAMONESBOK


Release date 2022-10-26
Genre Punk/Hard Core
Description Rock history is full of moments that have completely redrawn the map. Sunday, May 15, 1977 is one such date. It was then that the American band Ramones took to the stage of the Jarlateatern in Stockholm Sweden, kicked things off with "Loudmouth" - and wrote Swedish rock history.

This is the story of all of Ramone''s 19 gigs in Sweden, what they meant and what happened, told by those who were there. Meet eyewitnesses such as Monte A. Melnick, Mickey Leigh, Matthew Lolya, Chips Kiesby, Thomas Johansson, Mats Olsson, Dregen, Per Gessle, Nisse Hellberg, Nicke Andersson and The Nomads and many others.
Here, the Swedish press''s sometimes somewhat giddy reactions from all over the country are reflected.

Relive legendary gigs at Jarlateatern, Domino, Dad''s, Club Ron, Göta Lejon, Olympen, Isstadion, Hultsfred and Skellefteå festivals and more. Even Oslo and Roskilde are depicted!

The book is 240 pages long and loaded with both set lists and awesome photos, many of which have never been shown before... Hey Ho Let''s Go!

This first edition comes with a unique set of 6. first-class photographs in 13 x18 format - all from Club Ron in Ronneby in 1978. One of them is personally signed by the photographer Thorbjörn Frenesson / Premium Rockshot!